Monday, August 30, 2010

MacGruber Movie Review

MacGruber as a movie is less funny than all of the MacGruber skits combine. However, there is a bit of fun to be had with the overly crude film and in it Will Forte plays a MacGyver like character who creates deadly objects with improvised items. The funny parts of this movie occur when Forte plays up the idiosyncrasies of MacGruber such as his propensity to rip the throats out of enemies (Roadhouse style) and the loud disturbing noises that he makes while in the sack with women (Forest Gump style). The plot of the movie takes much from late 80s and early 90s films and Television, with the plot of Uncommon Valor to start of with then later takes on the commonly used Nuclear Bomb pointed at the Pentagon/D.C. thing to sort of keep the story going somewhere. Many of the jokes here are overused, like the how the last name of the villain Dieter Von Cunth’s also sounds like a curse word or how MacGruber always has to carry around his car stereo as an anti-theft method. These elements of the movie are tiresome, but among the few funny portions of this film one stands out. As a move to find out what is Cunth is up to MacGruber and company visit Cunth’s club while parking MacGruber is pissed off by another driver who cuts him off. In a strange turn MacGruber quickly memorizes the license plate of the offending car, but this later comes into play in an odd way after one of MacGruber’s team mates finds a booklet filled first with an unfilled list of clues then page after page of that car’s plate number, written in an increasingly disturbing manner leading up to drawn pages where you car see crude drawings of MacGruber hanging from something taking a shit on the offending car and the next drawing is of MacGruber shitting on the head of the car’s driver. It’s a completely unexpected thing to happen in the movie and is by far its’ funniest part. What that doesn’t sound funny to you?   

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