Thursday, March 4, 2010

Top 10 Blu-ray Movies

This is a list of the best movies to watch on Blu-ray. Given that Blu-ray movies are very pricy and not all of them are going to be much of an upgrade from their DVD counterparts, it’s best to find the one’s that are really complimented by high-def. It’s best to stick to the movies that are improved or fantastic to watch in high-def. This list may seem biased towards sci-fi and comic book movies, but just remember this: If you didn’t plan on watching sci-fi, then why did you buy a Blu-ray player?

1. The Dark Knight

Filmed for IMAX and having many visuals and action you will want to see in high-def, The Dark Knight really tests out your Blu-ray player, which is why they are sometimes sold with The Dark Knight Included.

2. The Fifth Element

One word: colourful. The Fifth Element is the best worst movie ever made, and just happens to be great to look at.

3. Serenity

I don’t know why, but Serenity just looks great on Blu-ray, especially in the really bright scenes. The film itself is vastly improved by the video and sound quality.

4. Star Trek
The flashing lights that seem to beam into the viewer’s eyes in some scenes are perfect for high-def viewing. You can either watch star trek to see some great action and visuals, or to provoke a seizure.

5. Transformers

Transformers has some of the best CGI action to date, and great CGI looks fantastic
on Blu-ray.

6. Blade Runner

This is, hands down, the quintessential Blu-ray movie. It has received the best treatment of all Blu-rays. People say that Blade Runner on Blu-ray looks like it was made last year, not 1982. Best of all, you can get The Ultimate Collector’s Edition, which has five discs with every cut of the film (there are a few) and loads of special features. This Blu-ray is a leviathan.

7. Starship Troopers

It is the most ridiculous movie ever, but it has to be seen in high-def. Humans are at war with giant bugs. Enough said.

8. The Matrix Trilogy (The Ultimate Matrix Collection)

This is not a recommendation based on the value of the movies, the stories, or the video and audio quality, just the special features. The Matrix Trilogy on Blu-ray has 14 hours of special features, plus the movies look awesome in high-def. It’s good to have even if you only like the first movie.

9. Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk down is the best movie to get for the audio experience. The audio immerses you into the war zone. Constant explosions and gun fire are exactly what you want in Blu-ray movie, and Black Hawk down is probably the only movie that can deliver that.

10. Sin City

Sin City was filmed completely in digital, so on Blu-ray there are some definite improvements. This is exactly the type of movie to watch in high-def. There really is no other movie with this much visual appeal.