Monday, August 31, 2009

Fast & Furious... A Perfect Film.

The reason this movie was panned by the critics is the same reason there is such a disconnect between the box office take in and the critical reception of certain movies. It all comes down to Category. Some movies are dramatic, some movies are comedic, and some movies are thoughtless heart-pumping action (car chases don’t hurt either). And each should be judged accordingly. But it seems that most critics demand that action movies should stand up to a well crafted period piece, acted with precision by well read orators. Fast & Furious is aware of what it is, and who they are trying to entertain, young men and slightly older men who saw the first movie and though, "Vin Diesel is bad-ass", and “hey, going fast is awesome”. And that is exactly what you get in the fourth installment of the series, the middle two movies actually make this movie even better because they were so awful. They left you craving the first film after you watched them, if you watched them at all. Fast & Furious is essentially a remake of the original movie with the original cast, but who cares the car chases are great, the comradery and rivalry between Diesel and Walker is still there. Say what you will about the acting skills of Paul Walker, it’s all true, but just remember that the original movie , The Fast & The Furious launched his career and Vin Diesel’s and it was all based on the same formula. This movie is perfect, it's all it ever could have been. Anyone who say the original movie and loved it will love this movie for the same reason, it’s nearly nostalgic.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Inglorious Bastards | A Review

Inglorious Bastards is filled with the best dialogue Quentin Tarantino has written since Pulp Fiction. And most of it isn’t even performed in English. The most ingenious part of the Inglorious Bastards is its use of languages in its story telling. Subtitle use in WW II movies is almost always a must, but never has there been such a tactful use of them in this movie, allowing for some of the most suspenseful and intricate dialogue moments seen out of any film in the infamous Tarantino 's career. The movie is stolen away from the more notable actors by the Col. Hans Landa, played by Christoph Waltz, who channels the spirit of Colombo for many of his interrogations during the film. In fact, it may be a bit of a mislead from the movie's trailer that let's you think that Pitt's Bastards are the focus of the story, when in fact the characters who populate this WW II fairytale are, as a whole, all Bastards.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why See The Informers

Why should you see The Informers, the Hair of course? Within the first few minutes of the movie you will be laughing uncontrollably. Either form the hair donned by the male members of the cast or brought on by the off putting leers delivered by Austin Nichols (John Form Cincinnati). With a poorly executed Magnolia style storyline The Informers follows the vapid lives of some of L.A.'s finest. From a drug dealing son of a studio executive to a child kidnapper played by Mickey Rourke. As unpleasant as moments of this movie may be there is still an air of intrigue that this movie tapes into and it is all about the 80's. People look back at the 80's and think, "that was a douchebag decade". And it was. That is why this movie works on a very basic level, it tells the story of modern douchebaggery, where having everything means nothing if you are only big hair walking around in a Members Only Jacket. That message is times.